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Get an in-home, on-the-spot consulation and quote

Property are a valuable asset, same as our appraisal. Our project manager will visit the property at your convenience, do a walk-through, evaluate the state of surfaces and paint, answer all your questions, and advise on the available options. Then we’ll provide a comprehensive written estimation with job info, cost, and schedule.

Pick colours with the help of a professional

Once you’ve signed the service agreement, you’ll be in touch with our professional to make your choices of colour and layout. We will advise you on how to build a unified colour palette that not only makes you the envy of your neighbourhood, but also increases the long-term resale value of your assets.

Site preparation

For your exterior painting, our time-tested approach includes, power washing, scraping, sanding, caulking, and masking, we also protect all your entrances, bushes, garden and outdoor furniture. After the surface has been washed, we will give it adequate drying time, which is a vital step that is frequently ignored.

Painting and Dyeing 

Now it’s time to dye or paint. We’ll arrive on time with the painting crew and equipment.  We’ll start by painting the trim and window frames, followed by the stucco or siding using a spray-gun and depending on the surface sometime a roller. Spray X  employees are professional, we respect your environment and we always keep our work-space clean.

Inspect the finished work

Once the job is done, it’s time to clean-up by sweeping, bagging and disposing of any waste materials or mess. You’ll then do a walkthrough inspection with one of our professional to address your concern and answer any questions about maintenance. Your project manager will leave you with documented  invoice, warranty, product/maintenance tips and contact information for future references.

To ensure THAT THE FINAL RESULT suits YOUR character.  SpRay x has set itself the goal of meeting your expectations and to engage deeply and professionally in the mastery of the art of dyeing, painting and finishing.


I would like to thank the company Spray X for their impeccable work, for their dynamic and thoughtful team.
Thanks again Linda

The Spray X team has completely revived my home with the painting work they did! I recommend this company !! Sylvie


L'équipe Spray X à complètement redonné vie à ma maison avec les travaux de peinture qu'ils ont fais! je vous conscielle cette compagnier !! Sylvie


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